Dr. Vaidya Anupama Kizhakkeveettil

Vaidya Anupama Kizhakkeveettil (Anu) is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, licensed acupuncturist, yoga teacher, and Professor and Program Director of Ayurvedic Medicine at Southern California University of Health Sciences. Her many contributions to the field of complementary and alternative medicine include extensive travel to propagate Ayurveda worldwide, numerous research presentations at national and international conferences, frequent publication in various peer-reviewed research journals, and regular participation as a peer reviewer at conferences as well as journals.

She currently serves on the Research Working Group of the Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health and is Co-Principal Investigator for an NIH-funded research study. She has received a number of awards for her work on Ayurveda and complementary and alternative medicine. She was also invited to attend WHO’s International Expert consulting meeting in 2019 and 2020. As an advocate for the Ayurvedic profession and the advancement of its goals, Vaidya Anu serves on the boards of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine and the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). Vaidya Anu has been actively participating in the American public health Association’s Integrative, Complementary, and Traditional Health Practices Section since 2007.

She integrates diet, yoga, lifestyle counseling, herbs, and various Ayurveda bodywork therapies individualized to the patient’s conditions. Her main interests are managing musculoskeletal conditions, mental health, women’s health, and preventative care. She believes in an integrative approach to health and wellness care.


Ms N.
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Thank you Karma Doctors and Associates for Helping and Trying leading to Importance of Mindfulness on my own thought and mind up and kind advise helping stay healthy.... Thank You Karma Doctors and Associates Wonderful Stuff always follow through and kindness , I Trully Appreciated Your "CARE" !!
Alondra D.
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I felt very understood and like my mental health finally mattered.
Quentin C.
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Great staff helpful kind always trying to help. Karma Doctors and Associates help my son on first visit did more in one visit then other dr. That was seeing my son for 2 yrs .
Linda W.
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Karma Doctors and Associates ask thought provoking questions and made a wonderful suggestion to me to be able to continue to honor my son’s life.
Daisha M.
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Appreciated the intentionality and thoughtfulness that went into examining. It was gentle, understanding, and informative. Excited to continue treatment.
David W.
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I'm Very Happy, I can Sleep
Michelle M.
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Karma Doctors and Associates were very knowledgeable and put my mind at ease. I’m going through a very difficult time. She has been most helpful. I’m hopeful a solution is coming soon.
Patience M.
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I'm thankful for you taking your time too help me and others thank you.
Annemarie C.
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Very understanding and easy to talk too.
Bruce C.
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Pleasure to work with