Research and Publications
Preliminary Observations of Personalized Repetitive Magnetic Stimulation (PrTMS) Guided by EEG Spectra for Concussion.

Makale MT, Nybo C, Keifer J, Blum K, Dennen CA, Baron D, Sunder K, Elman I, Makale MR, Thanos PK, Murphy KT.

Brain Sci. 2023 Aug 9;13(8):1179.

doi: 10.3390/brainsci13081179.

PMID: 37626535

Pilot Clinical Data Showing Positive Therapeutic Outcomes for Concussion: Personalized repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (PrTMS®) guided by EEG spectra

Milan T. Makale, Chad Nybo, Jason Kiefer, Kenneth Blum, Catherine A. Dennen, David Baron, Keerthy Sunder, Igor Elman, Miles R. Makale, Panayotis K. Thanos, Kevin T. Murphy

Are We Getting High Cause the Thrill is Gone?

Kenneth Blum, Thomas Mclaughlin, Mark S. Gold, Marjorie C. Gondre-Lewis, Panayotis K. Thanos, Igor Elman, David Baron, Abdalla Bowirrat, Debamyla Barh, Jag Khalsa, Colin Hanna, Nicole Jafari, Foojan Zeine, Eric R. Braverman, Catherine Dennen, Milan T. Makale, Miles Makale, Keerthy Sunder, Kevin T. Murphy and Rajendra D. Badgaiyan

Published on: December 08, 2023
doi: 10.17756/jap.2023-041
J Addict Psychiatry 7(1): 5-16.

Neurogenetics and Epigenetics of Loneliness.

Bowirrat A, Elman I, Dennen CA, Gondré-Lewis MC, Cadet JL, Khalsa J, Baron D, Soni D, Gold MS, McLaughlin TJ, Bagchi D, Braverman ER, Ceccanti M, Thanos PK, Modestino EJ, Sunder K, Jafari N, Zeine F, Badgaiyan RD, Barh D, Makale M, Murphy KT, Blum K.

Psychol Res Behav Manag. 2023 Nov 29;16:4839-4857.

doi: 10.2147/PRBM.S423802. eCollection 2023.

PMID: 38050640

Invited Expert Opinion- Bioinformatic and Limitation Directives to Help Adopt Genetic Addiction Risk Screening and Identify Preaddictive Reward Dysregulation: Required Analytic Evidence to Induce Dopamine Homeostatsis.

Blum K, Gold MS, Cadet JL, Gondre-Lewis MC, McLaughlin T, Braverman ER, Elman I, Paul Carney B, Cortese R, Abijo T, Bagchi D, Giordano J, Dennen CA, Baron D, Thanos PK, Soni D, Makale MT, Makale M, Murphy KT, Jafari N, Sunder K, Zeine F, Ceccanti M, Bowirrat A, Badgaiyan RD.

Med Res Arch. 2023 Sep 14;11(8):10.18103/mra.v11i8.4211.

doi: 10.18103/mra.v11i8.4211.

PMID: 37885438

Evidence for the DRD2 Gene as a Determinant of Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS).

Blum K, Bowirrat A, Elman I, Baron D, Thanos PK, Gold MS, Hanna C, Makale MT, Sunder K, Jafari N, Zeine F, Murphy KT, Makale M, Badgaiyan RD.

Clin Exp Psychol. 2023 Jun 29;9(4):8-11.

PMID: 37560184

Beyond Mor: Can Induction of Dopamine Homeostasis Along with Electrotherapy Attenuate the Opioid Crisis?

Blum K, Bowirrat A, Braverman ER, Dennen C, Zeine F, Jafari N, Sunder K, Thanos PK, Baron D, Barh D, Gupta A, Bagchi D, Gold MS, Badgaiyan RD.

Clin Exp Psychol. 2023 Mar 2;9(2):1-3.

PMID: 37363693

Futuristic Thinking about Engineering “Geneospirituality” to Help Prevent Relapse of Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS) Behaviors.

Blum K, McLaughlin T, Bowirrat A, Bagchi D, Braverman ER, Gupta A, Baron D, Thanos PK, Khalsa J, Jafari N, Zeine F, Giordano J, Dennen CA, Madigan MA, Carney P, Gold MS, Sunder K, Badgaiyan RD.

EC Psychol Psychiatr. 2023 Feb 16;12(3):26-32.

PMID: 37361347

Bioinformatic and Limitation Directives to Help Adopt Genetic Addiction Risk Screening and Identify Preaddictive Reward Dysregulation: Required Analytic Evidence to Induce Dopamine Homeostatsis

Kenneth Blum, Mark S Gold, Jean Lud Cadet, Marjorie C Gondre-Lewis, Thomas McLaughlin, Eric R Braverman, Igor Elman, B Paul Carney, Rene Cortese, Tomilowo Abijo, Debasis Bagchi, John Giordano, Catherine A Dennen, David Baron, Panayotis K Thanos, Diwanshu Soni, Milan T Makale, Miles Makale, Kevin T Murphy, Nicole Jafari, Keerthy Sunder, Foojan Zeine, Mauro Ceccanti, Abdalla Bowirrat, Rajendra D Badgaiyan

Med Res Arch 2023 Sep 14;11(8):10.18103/mra.v11i8.4211.
DOI: 10.18103/mra.v11i8.4211
PMID: 37885438

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